New Social Thinking ® Resources

Wow, these new Social Thinking ® resources are fantastic!


At PIC we’ve been working with The Incredible Flexible You ® program within groups and with individual clients for a couple of years now and have been eagerly awaiting release of the next program and series of books.

We Thinkers! Vol 2® has arrived and it’s content is reliant on the solid basis of TIFY concepts but teaches them at a self-regulation/ executive functioning level.

It’s a very comprehensive tool to help us identify where our kids are on the GPS scale and plan intervention accordingly.

Social Thinking® and Me is a tool for older students and can be used by teachers, parents or another informed adult. It’s a wonderful resource to slowly consolidate Social Thinking® concepts in a more mature format and with support sheets to consolidate the concepts at home.


We are excited about bringing these wonderful resources into our work at PIC!