Proud Exhibitor at the AHWB Expo, 31st July 2016

“Proud Exhibitor at the AHWB Expo, 31st July 2016. Click on the below button/banner for details and visit us at the Expo!”


We are excited to be preparing for the first visit to the Autism Health & Well Being Expo on July 31st. This year’s theme is ‘Education, Empowerment, Everyone’ and fits well with the SSmarTs program which is in full swing at PIC.

Come and visit me on the day in the Grevillea room!

There are competitions, special guests for the kids, speakers throughout the day. There’s something for all ages and all people who are on the spectrum, carers, educators and everyone else!

Autism services are often discovered by word of mouth, trial and error and by researching on the internet.

We want to help you take the guess work and hard work out about what’s available.

There will be exhibitors covering the areas of:

  • Psychology

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech Pathology

  • Teacher training

  • Anti-bullying organisations

  • Natural therapies

  • Calming and education equipment supplies

  • Clubs and sports groups

  • Community, Government and Adult support organisations

and many more…