SSmarTs @ PiC, 2016

SSmarTs @ PiC, 2016 – (Social Smarts for Teens)

This program is a new initiative between Aspergers Victoria and Partners in Communication.

It is a program for teenagers of high school age who struggle with managing the social dynamic at home, at school, with friends and looking forward – to the workplace or further education. We will be offering social groups that use best practices related to managing the social world and emotional regulation in teens. Much of our focus will be on the Social Thinking ® methodology (, but other strategies will be incorporated as well.

It is best suited to those students who have language and cognitive skills within the normal range but who struggle with ‘Social Thinking’ or have a diagnosis of Aspergers/ High Functioning Autism.

The program will be a 16-week program, from April 12th until September 13th, 2016.

Based at Caulfield North, it will run on Tuesday nights from 6.30-8.30pm.

Parents will stay for the duration of the sessions where they will meet with a Psychologist (separately to the students), and have the group content explained. This will provide an opportunity to discuss how to best support and reinforce concepts between group sessions and to be able to ask questions and discuss issues in a supportive adult environment.


Membership of Aspergers Victoria is compulsory:

Sessions will be $70 per session.


Using the Mental Health Care Plan, a rebate of approx. $43 should be available for at least 10 sessions. This referral will be made out to the Psychologist involved, Sergio Giurina.

Fees to be paid ahead of time in 4 weekly blocks; ie, $280.

Participation in the program will be based on a personal interview with Sharon Gill, this will be approximately 1hr at a cost of $150. The Chronic Disease management plan can be used for this session.

All enquiries to:

Sharon Gill, 0407 367 099
243 Hawthorn Rd
Caulfield North VIC 3161