Social Skills Holiday Workshops – Geelong January 2017

Early childhood and primary ages.

Partners in Communication is offering workshops over the summer holidays (16th – 18th January 2017) for pre-primary and primary school children. These workshops will use the Social Thinking methodology as seen in The Incredible Flexible You®, We Thinkers®, Social Thinking and Me® and Superflex® (produced by together with the ‘Zones of Regulation’ by Leah Kuypers.

These programs are a social thinking curriculum for early childhood and are designed for 4-8 yr olds. Eligibility for enrolment will be determined following an interview.

Groups will be tailored accordingly to ability and age. Minimum numbers will be required.

These groups are for children who start school soon, or are in their early primary years. They might have difficulties with:

  • Listening and attending

  • Initiating and maintaining conversations

  • Relating socially

  • Negotiating and compromising

  • Making and maintaining friendships

These groups aim to better equip children with the skills required to play with others, learn in a group and consider the thoughts and feelings of themselves and others.

Group Structure

The groups are for 4 – 5 children together with a speech pathologist, occupational therapist and experienced assistants.

They run for a duration of 1.75 hrs, with parents returning 20 minutes prior to the end of the session for the feedback component.

Activities comprise:

  • Thinking with your eyes/ Joint attention

  • Interpreting the context/situation

  • Whole Body Listening

  • Expected/Unexpected behaviours

  • Social behavior mapping

  • Free play facilitating session goals

  • Social games

When: Monday 16th (AM), Tuesday 17th (PM), and Wednesdays 18th (AM) January

Bookings: Please contact us to register your interest

Where: Health E Allied Medical Centre, 264 Shannon Ave, Geelong West.

Who: Sharon Gill, 0407 367 099



FB: partnersincommunicationptyltd

Costs: FaHCSIA clients: $150 per session. Non FaHCSIA: $135 per session, payments to be made in advance. NDIS funded clients welcome.