PiC Parent/Staff Coaching

  • Does your child attend social skill support groups?

  • Would you like them to attend a group but your weekly schedule doesn’t allow?

  • Would you like to learn more about social cognitive intervention theory and how to support your child at home and in their social experiences outside of school?

  • In this changing world where technology has become a driver and motivator for so many; what does ‘play’ look like now?

Partners in Communication offers parent coaching regarding social cognitive communication skills, learning about the typical developmental sequence and information to decide where to place your child in this sequence. Discover how you can assist them further along the continuum.

If your child experiences emotional regulation issues, learn how you can understand the triggers and help them to appreciate the social consequences of ‘expected’ behaviour and therefore the implications of their ‘unexpected’ behavior.

For students with social communication challenges, play is a challenging skill and requires sensitive coaching and feedback. Outside school hours is the only opportunity parents have to observe and ‘coach’ their child’s play skills.

We will discuss any challenges, so you can understand the vocabulary and how to provide the best support

Individual or small group support provided to parents/ child-care staff /kindergarten teachers upon request. Days and times negotiable depending on demand.

Please contact us to express your interest in parent coaching.